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OR2, better understood as OSLO REVIVAL ONLINE RADIO, is transmitted directly from Europe with live sessions from the city limits of Oslo, in Norway.

As an advocate of New-Wave, Avantgarde and Psychedelic Music, OR2 suits to represent a liable and very interesting musical stream that, thanks to the nature of electronic music, besides allowing to comfortably enjoy such derived musical styles while working or learning using Internet, might well determine a sane turning point defined by the intersection of Music and Technology as well as the related path for our common innevitable future which, innevitably, brings together rather distinct generations.So, please, enjoy it.Nuno M. Gavina(Owner of OR2 Web Productions)http://NunoManuelGavina.biz

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OR2 WebDeck

Meet a truly revolutionary way of enjoying Working from the comfort of your Home or office place... ... Putting together the most advanced multimedia technology available with State-of-the-Art Online Business Platforms, OR2 Web productions is proud to bring You the innevitable future for online Business activity... ... Where, doing business is now more FUN and ENJOYABLE !!! No matter by benefiting from Our enhanced Gamification logical scenarios and related 'rolling-actions' or just by being delighted while tuned to Your favourite music (instrumental, electronic or not), OR2 provides a wide range of alternative solutions through well proven, widely used and functional web applications... ... With innevitable effective results !!! Meanwhile, by being tuned on OR2's Online Streams, You can simply Know WHAT's GOING ON the World Wide Web by a technical, artistic or even satiric perspective... EVERY SPECIAL DAY, on OR2 :)