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Know that OR2 broadcasting emissions try to remain in conformity with all legal requirements for Online Radio transmissions. So, Copyrighted Ownership is respected and Royalties are paid.For this purpose, each related digital tag allows to identify each song and logged for further notice.Yet, thanks to the nature of Psychedelic Musicians or Producers and several Underground music compositions that truly reflects the style and purpose well expressed, for instance, by 'Goa Roots' and similar sources, it becomes extremely difficult to trace not only each related musician (as an legal Author) but also each related song for the objective of retributing proper merit, public recognition and, obviously, each related royalty right or similar responsibility.Nevertheless, properly identified on OR2 media players, know also that you can copy, by saving on your computer, almost all Psychedelic Music that is passing on OR2 (except the PSYCHEDELIC CLASSICS sessions and non-Psychedelic music - consult broadcasting schedule) or even distribute the related music as long as you respect the related CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE. Without directly recording each OR2 emission, you can alternatively send us a message requesting a proper web address for legally download all available tracks. .. FOR FREE !!!...After all, on a sane artistic perspective, such Psychedelic genres couldn't exist if not considering the several mixed sounds that easily reveals this kind of music, already used for ages in good faith and being independently understood as distinct, unique and authentic ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS.Effectively concluding that, without depreciating any artist, OR2 also exists with the strict objective of promoting the well explained Musical genres to each related FANS... The reason that truly motivates our humble but already considerable social movement.

OR2 Legal Broadcasting

Listen Electronic Musicwhile working...



Listen Electronic Musicwhile working...

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Meet a truly revolutionary way of enjoying Working from the comfort of your Home or office place... ... Putting together the most advanced multimedia technology available with State-of-the-Art Online Business Platforms, OR2 Web productions is proud to bring You the innevitable future for online Business activity... ... Where, doing business is now more FUN and ENJOYABLE !!! No matter by benefiting from Our enhanced Gamification logical scenarios and related 'rolling-actions' or just by being delighted while tuned to Your favourite music (instrumental, electronic or not), OR2 provides a wide range of alternative solutions through well proven, widely used and functional web applications... ... With innevitable effective results !!! Meanwhile, by being tuned on OR2's Online Streams, You can simply Know WHAT's GOING ON the World Wide Web by a technical, artistic or even satiric perspective... EVERY SPECIAL DAY, on OR2 :)