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Oslo Revival Online Radio, no matter if on a root or more modern context, promotes everyday not only Psychedelic Music but plenty of New Wave and Avantgarde alternative music...So, besides proper HighLight on the related Psychedelic ground, you should know what sounds are actually considered as part of OR2 HighLights, allways divulged by H2POP emissions and BREADCRUMB Sessions (click here to tune IT up now)...

OR2 HighLights...

Listen Electronic Musicwhile working...



Listen Electronic Musicwhile working...

... also on OR2...

PSY HighLights...

Joy Division

"Well in order to understand Psykovsky's music one has to be in a different mental state as each song is a journey. He is a genius storyteller, somehow being in two different mental states when producing, one would say a savant or genius in the truest sense. His music is only really understandable if you are in "that state" or share that same savant streak."

"Enichkin is a stage name of Sergey Nazarenko, a Russian musician best known for a major contribution to the dark psytrance scene and who is considered as one of the favorites in his field."

"Leo aka Kindzadza was born in Russia, Moscow. Once he found out that computers can make nice sounds. Later he came to Goa India, met with full power and learned how things are organized in time and space. Since that time he has been creating psychedelic trance for powerfull dancing. He thinks that the dance is the most available way to reach harmony with inner and outer space, proved to be true by centuries."

Critic Review by Alberto Hoffman

With extended promotion on vrus online stream...Joy division is still a h2pop highlight, no matter on any new-wave or avantgarde session... of course... on or2.


celebrating revivalism on breadcrumb sessions... The Danse Society are an English gothic rock band, formed in Barnsley in 1980. They were originally active until 1987, reforming in 2011.

Dead can dance

all this month... on AVANTGARDE SESSIONS...special highlights of a very famous English-Australian musical project, formed in 1981 in Melbourne by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry.

the cure

all this month... on new-wave SESSIONS...without the need of any kind of presentation, the band of robert smith is also on a highligh position.

Xmal Deutschland

all this month... on underground SESSIONS...highly aclaimed by 4ad and Founded in 1980 with a completely female line-up, they became successful outside their native country - germany. While German audiences were less than receptive at first, with the lead singer of the band - the vocalist Anja Huwe, a United Kingdom tour opening for the Cocteau Twins resulted in a deal with independent label 4AD Records... yet, Xmal Deutschland's last album was released in 1989.

... OR2 on HouseMania, in Oslo...

Happened on 23 of August 2014... Oslo revival live session on housemania...Hausmania is a self-governed cultural house in Oslo, Norway.It is run by a group of underground artists based on collectivist ideology. It is located in Hausmannsgate 34 in Oslo and is a fertile ground for avant-garde art.please, contact us for live transmissions...

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OR2 WebDeck

Meet a truly revolutionary way of enjoying Working from the comfort of your Home or office place... ... Putting together the most advanced multimedia technology available with State-of-the-Art Online Business Platforms, OR2 Web productions is proud to bring You the innevitable future for online Business activity... ... Where, doing business is now more FUN and ENJOYABLE !!! No matter by benefiting from Our enhanced Gamification logical scenarios and related 'rolling-actions' or just by being delighted while tuned to Your favourite music (instrumental, electronic or not), OR2 provides a wide range of alternative solutions through well proven, widely used and functional web applications... ... With innevitable effective results !!! Meanwhile, by being tuned on OR2's Online Streams, You can simply Know WHAT's GOING ON the World Wide Web by a technical, artistic or even satiric perspective... EVERY SPECIAL DAY, on OR2 :)